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What is China Modem ?

There is nothing about china modem. Actually modem manufacture by three companies - Siemens , Wavecom, huai. Siemens is costly & it’s service is very good. So, maximum recharge company are using Siemens tc 35i module.

But in market some companies are creating a misunderstanding that there modem not china modem, there modem is some company brand modem. But unfortunately the fact is that if u ask them what’s module u are using in your modem Or any person have any knowledge about AT command then they can check it that those company are also using Siemens tc 35i module. Actually siemens manufacturing units is in china like any other electronic company. If u want to sell modem in market then u have to purchase the module from Siemens & it’s coming from china. Then u just box it with some scrues & sticker and now if u saying to the market that your modem is not china modem, it’s Indian modem & it’s your brand modem what u think? Is it not a bogus idea. Suppose you are in computer assembling business & your company name is ABC Computers. Now u are assembling the computer with Samsung hard disk, Intel motherboard , some company SMPS, Samsung CD writer, xenon ram. Now u are saying to your customer that this computer name is ABC Computers & it’s better than intel & this is a Indian company computer so, u will get better service and also better fast. Weather u are using intel mother board & intel processer. Then will u say truth to your customer? And for the better service if your intel mother board is defected then if u want warranty & guarantee, you bound to send it to the intel person like if in your modem there is any problem u are also bound to send it to the Siemens to getting warranty & guarantee.

We are Matheus IT Solution Pvt. Ltd., we are a software company & we are using Siemens tc 35i module and also wevcom module. But we suggest to our customer to take Siemens module for better service. We are giving to our customer 1year replacement garentee & 2year repairing warrantee. Now if any one say u that’s our modem is china modem & we will not give u service then u just think about it what is the truth. We also purchase the module from Siemens & assemble it in india. Now if we are saying this is modem & this is the best any other china modem, may I give u correct information of this product to our customer ?

We think customer is valuable & business is going on the root of truth & healthy relation. So, this is our duty to clear every thing to our customer for a healthy relation and business. Thank you.